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Sennheiser EM3032

EM 3032-U receivers, Sennheiser offers the professional user high quality RF receivers with a high level of operational reliability and ease of use.
The Sennheiser EM 3032 consists of two complete true diversity receivers in a single 19” 1U rack  housing.

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32 programmable receiving frequencies per receiver ensure flexible channel selection and make this receiver an ideal choice for OB applications or for use in shows.

The EM 3031-U and EM 3032-U receivers together with the suitable hand-held and pocket transmitters permit wireless transmission with studio quality sound. Due to further optimised PLL and microprocessor technology and the Sennheiser patented HiDyn plus® noise reduction system, these transmission systems surpass the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range of modern CD productions. The true diversity technology of the EM 3031-U and Sennheiser EM 3032-U receivers ensures interference-free transmission and minimises the drop-outs in the RF path.

Especially for small television studios and theatres, the simultaneous use of several EM 3031-U / EM 3032-U receivers is an economical alternative to technically more sophisticated and therefore more expensive multi-channel systems.