Electro Voice draadloze set met RE-1 en RE510

Door het gewijzigde toegestane frequentiegebied voor draadloze microfoons is deze set in Nederland niet meer inzetbaar. Heeft voor die tijd altijd onberispelijk gewerkt. Dus alleen interessant als je een toepassing buiten Nederland weet.

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CSR‑1000 RE‑1 series single wireless receiver

The RE-1 Series Wireless Microphone System is a completely programmable frequency-agile system with Advanced ClearScan. A dual-band comprador, rugged and powerful transmitters, and many other features make this system worthy of the legendary RE label.

Electro-Voice RE510

Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

The RE510 is a handheld condenser mic with a supercardioid pickup pattern. The 5/8” capsule (~16mm) is an electret (self-biased) design. The mic requires 12V of phantom power.
A high-pass filter, aka low-frequency rolloff circuit can be enabled via a switch near the capsule, under the windscreen
5/8” diameter, self biased condenser capsule offers the warmth of a larger capsule design without sacrificing off-axis performance or transient response. Supercardioid polar pattern for superior feedback rejection and acoustic isolation. Low-frequency roll-off switch enables tailoring of low-frequency response to meet application requirements. Precision electronic design for extremely low distortion, and outstanding transient response. High current differential output stage can drive long microphone cables without loss of performance. Warm Grip handle for more comfortable feel. Multistage pop filter eliminates breath pop noises.