AV-JEFE PMM20 Bass Drum / Guitar Microphone is specially engineered for capturing the deep, bold sound of bass instruments

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Its dynamic element delivers the aggressive attack of the player and is capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and reducing feedback to absolute minimum.
This microphone is wide-range moving coil dynamic, especially engineered for drum and low frequency instruments. It is ideal for sound reinforcement in a live performance, within the confines of a recording studio, in outdoor concerts or very large venues.
Its hypercardioid polar pattern is highly suitable for applications requiring open, transparent reproduction of sounds. It has a narrower pick-up angle for even better off-axis rejection that results to excellent sound isolation, reducing input from other instruments.
The body of the microphone is made of Zinc die-cast, and it is bold and strong. This mic also features a built-in pivoting stand adapter adjustable to 180 degrees with a standard 5/8”-27 thread that allows fast, easy set up.
PMM20 can be used with any standard mixer, amplifier, or mic preamp by connecting the female XLR end of cable to PMM20, and the other end (male XLR or 1/4″ phone plug, as appropriate) to your equipment.